Make a Photo CD with music in the background

  Daisy22 18:27 13 Nov 05

I have a windows XP home pc system with media player 10. I have also a couple of photographic programs Epson and Finepix, but I can't seem to copy photos onto a CD and put music on as well.

Do I need a special type of programme for this and if so, which ones?

  Noldi 19:01 13 Nov 05

Nero is one program using the Audio and Data CD burning option. click here.


  Curio 19:04 13 Nov 05

click here This is what I use, but there are many more available

  flobby 19:24 13 Nov 05

I use Roxio Easy Media creator, It does great slideshows Using your own music and you can choose your own transitions from i pcture ton the next or use random, Highly recommended

  GroupFC 19:38 13 Nov 05

As you have XP you can do all of that with windows Moviemaker, which you already have on your system.

Have a look at these sites to see what you can do click here and click here

  jack 19:58 13 Nov 05

Over the years I used many slideshow programs to put music on- Most of the ohoto editiors allow it
PaintshopPro Album. click here. among them

The one I currently use and the best and easiest by far is DVDPixPlay from click here
The free demo allows up to 50 images only - pay £15 and get a release code and the wotld is your oyster.

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