Make mp3 files auto play

  awest3 24 Mar 13

I want to rip files from my mom's CD's so she can play them on her MP3 player. She's blind so its much easier for her to do this than try to work the CD player. My problem is that there are no controls on her player to pick the start track. I want them to autoplay as soon as she turns on the player or inserts the USB stick. She has audio books from calibre which do this so I know it can be done... but how? Is this a function of the player or is there a parameter which I need to set when ripping the CDs to the USB stick?.

Thanks Al

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 24 Mar 13

Make and model of mp3 player?

  awest3 24 Mar 13

Its an RNIB player called Sovereign

  awest3 24 Mar 13

Not quite sure what happened to that link...try again

  awest3 24 Mar 13

Hmmm....still not working! although it works ok if typed in...

  awest3 24 Mar 13

If she plays usb mp3 sticks from calibre they just work.. when i rip tracks to one it does nothing although i can play them on the PC.

  bremner 24 Mar 13
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 24 Mar 13

Are you saving to the root of the drive or putting the files into a folder?

  lotvic 24 Mar 13

"ripping the CDs to the USB stick"

how (what method and program) are you doing the ripping?

  awest3 24 Mar 13

I'm just ripping the individual files to the USB stick. So all that's on it are the individual files. I'm using ashampoo to do the ripping. Thanks Al

  awest3 24 Mar 13

Ripping to the root drive... Now I understand what a root is:-))


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