make an Email template in Outlook

  belayer 17 Jul 12

How can I create an email template that has my business details and logo on it so it is already there without having to cut/paste/insert every time I type an email?

I have looked at the help page but nothing seems to work in Signatures and Stationery.

I am using Windows XP with Outlook Express.


  difarn 17 Jul 12

This article may be of use to you.

  lotvic 17 Jul 12

'Outlook Express' > dropdown arrow side of 'Create Mail' > click on 'Select Stationery' > click on 'Create New' button to start the Wizard

  belayer 18 Jul 12

Unfortunately neither of those solutions seem to work.

The article tells me to save it as a template but that is not offered as an option on the Save As filetype.

The Create New Wizard of the alternative doesn't allow me to make a logo that I want to include smaller, its huge, and in any case neither option allows me to manipulate the content so I can format the logo (jpeg)and put text alongside (like one does in Word).

Looks like I will have to make do without the company logo.

Thanks for trying.

  Clapton is God 19 Jul 12

Your post title suggested that you were using Outlook rather than Outlook Express.

If you start using Outlook as your e-mail client (Outlook Express is pre-stone age, by the way) you can create a 'signature' which will be added to every one of your outgoing e-mails.

That signature can contain your business details, address, phone numbers, logo, website address, etc, etc.


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