majorly annoying problem with zone alarm!

  theresnogoodnamesleft 00:45 06 Oct 05

hi, the problem i am having is that zonealarm has pretty much suddenly decided to mess up my internet connection. it's not that there is any major threat that it is doing this though.

i connect wirelessly to my wanadoo livebox, but it has just recently started blocking my computer from accessing the livebox, without giving me the option of preventing this.

when it does this, my internet basically dies, i cant load anywebpages, i think it also messes with online games i am playing too.

does anyone know why it is doing this, or what i can do to make it change? i couldn't find any option to make it not interfere with the wanadoo connection.

currently am using windows firewall with zonealarm off, and internet, etc, is fine.

thanks for any help

  johnnyrocker 00:52 06 Oct 05

get shot of za and get sygate like i did when za started giving me loads of grief.


  theresnogoodnamesleft 01:13 06 Oct 05

yeah, my flatmate was telling me he had zonealarm a while ago and it went all crappy, za was fine for a while but i cant stand it now so ill give the sygate one a run.


  wilco33 04:55 06 Oct 05

I'm using ZA as well & have had similar problems
with it.How/where do I find Sygate ?

  northumbria61 14:53 06 Oct 05

Scrap Zone Alarm and get System Mechanic 5 from IOLO Technologies.(available as free download with option to purchase) That will sort things out for you. However you can't run both as they conflict.

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