Major problems

  curlylad 19:21 17 Jun 04

Win98 ,When on the internet the computer freezes up ctrl+alt+del doesn't work so reset only option , this happens every internet session.Tried to run scandisc it freezes up , tried to run AVG it freezes up , tried to defrag the same, and all this happens in normal and safe mode.Tried to install win 98 over the top with CD-ROM and guess what , it freezes up.Managed to get on the windows update site and it said there was 18 critical updates available but as soon as I try to download them it freezes up one of the updates was SP1.Just started again in safe mode and I got the dreaded blue screen that said ,Fatal exception OE 015F:BFF9DBA7 ,so I pressed enter and a black screen with a white window with just the word SCANDSKW and close button appeared , I hit close and got another blue screen saying , Fatal exception OE 0028:C0005338in VXD VMM(01) +00004338.I prerssed enter and got a black screen with a white window with just the word explorer in and a close button so I hit close and got the same black screen white box but this time it said Msgsrv32.I hit close and got a blue screen saying Unable to write to disk in drive C data or files may be lost.

I know its a long shot but can anybody help ?

  Fruit Bat 19:35 17 Jun 04

Try running scandisk from a bootable disk

  curlylad 20:17 17 Jun 04

It says it has repaired probs but then freezes straight away when start up as normal.

  oldal 20:28 17 Jun 04

This could be a memory problem. Try re-seating your memory module(s)as a first step.

  curlylad 20:31 17 Jun 04

Tell me how please ?

  Gaz 25 20:35 17 Jun 04

1. Take side pannel off the case.

2. The stick of memory, should be quite visible if you have seen memory before.

3. Take it out and push it back in again.

Note: If you are unsure then click here

  Gaz 25 20:36 17 Jun 04

Might be of use:

click here

  Gaz 25 20:37 17 Jun 04

cant see video:

click here

  oldal 20:54 17 Jun 04

Sorry for slow response, had to leave pc for a few minutes. Have you followed Gaz 25's link ?

  curlylad 21:00 17 Jun 04

Had to go out for a while , yes I know what you mean chaps.I'll reseat the memory after blowing any dust off contacts and in slot and I'll get back to you.

  curlylad 21:50 17 Jun 04

The memory slots are they the 4 slots about 4 1/2 inches long ? I hope so because the 2 longer 6 inch slots are empty , also the smaller slots have 4 long thin boards in them and they haven't got the pull down white clips at the end.Is this making sense ?

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