Major Laptop Problem

  laurieballard 15:27 11 Aug 04

I have an RM laptop the specs are the bottom of the thread. The laptop has a few problems the first is that sometimes it refuses to even turn on and the lights come on but it doesnt turn on and with no noise or screen picture. the second is that when you do manage to finally get it on it tests the memory as usuall and doesnt go any further it just says wait. When you go into the bios after this happens to try and detect the disks the cdrom comes up but the hard drive says '
Not Installed' even though it is. Finally when you do manage to get it to boot into windows it usually turns itself off. i think the hard and floppy(when you try and access the floppy the laptop turns off) drives are causing this error just wanted someone elses opinion.



specs of laptop

266MHz CPU
32Mb Ram
4GB Hard Drive
CDROM (that is very noisey)
FLOPPY (that doesnt work)
12" Screen

  Devil Monkey 15:12 14 Aug 04


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