Major Boot Problems

  PhiltheFragger 15:59 15 Jul 04

This Started on a different thread, but it has now evolved so the old heading doesnt bear any resemblence to the problem i have now.

A mate has an Advent machine running XP home.
A power cut has resulted in his system refusing to boot in to windows.

I reckon the MBR needs fixing.

Q1, Can I use his system Restore Disk to boot into recovery mode.

Q2. can I use another XP disk to repair


johnnyrocker Wed, 14.07.04 | 08:47
i would think another disk would be ok as long as you dont try re install system which may require re registration, unless i am totally wrong and someone wiser out there knows better.

PhiltheFragger Thu, 15.07.04 | 15:46
Now had a chance to look at the machine. It is an ADVENT P4 system
It will boot into safemode It won't boot into recovery mode using either the System restore disk or a seperate XP disk, in both cases, it starts to boot then copies files then hangs where it says "starting Windows".

Have tried a different hard drive, but it still wont fully boot from a CD.(I have tried the CD drive and the CDRW drive),

Have tried last good configuration, no good

Have run CHKDSK from safe mode, it comes up with nothing.

System restore wont work in safe mode.

Over to you guys

  PhiltheFragger 18:07 15 Jul 04

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  Dorsai 18:19 15 Jul 04

Does your mate have a surge protector, as the power cut/power back on could have been accompanied by a voltage surge that damaged the PC?

  PhiltheFragger 18:54 15 Jul 04

Yes there is a surge protector on it

I see a brick wass approaching

  PhiltheFragger 18:54 15 Jul 04

Yes there is a surge protector on it

I see a brick wall approaching

  Dorsai 19:13 15 Jul 04

Is the surge protectors 'protected' light still lit?

  PhiltheFragger 19:41 15 Jul 04

cant tell, coz I have repatriated it to my place to play with it.

  Dorsai 19:49 15 Jul 04

If it were me, and it isn't, i would try putting parts of the DOA PC in my working PC. Does my working PC work fine with the DOA's graphics card....Yes...then the graphics card is 'probably OK'..No...Then the graphics card 'may be faulty'

Next bit..

and so on.

But you run a risk if you put a duff bit from the DOA PC into your working PC.

It might/may-well/will/probably won't/who can say/damamge the good PC.

  buscrew 19:55 15 Jul 04

Have you tried running sfc /scannow from safe mode?

  buscrew 19:59 15 Jul 04

click here and try installing the recovery console from the Win XP CD, when you reboot you will get the option to go to the recovery console to fix the mbr.

  PhiltheFragger 20:30 15 Jul 04

Will try SFC/SCANNOW later thanks

As I mentioned earlier, the machine will not boot into recovery mode. it boots up, transfers some files and hangs.

Apart from SFC is there anything else I can try from Safe Mode?

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