Mailwasher repair??possible ? how

  end 17:30 22 Dec 04

refer to this threaclick here

I need to change the question now to

can Mailwasher be repaired or do I need to reinstall it on Tower, as that seems to be my way forward now; lappy has run OK with the Mailwasher, so it must be the tower that is at fault; for some reason the tower Mailwasher will not download and check the entire mail on the server; lappy will, so I am assuming the Tower one is "corrupt" or sumunt:)

both machines on win 98se and IE6

I have looked in the Mailwasher program but cannot See repair bit within it


  GaT7 17:52 22 Dec 04

No harm in trying an uninstall/reinstall. If you don't delete any MailWasher folders when doing so you should still have your Friends list & blacklisted list intact. G

  end 17:57 22 Dec 04

where thru; the add/remove programs in control pannel or?????

I"ve got the program in my downloads foldere so, am hopeful all should be ok (famous last words)

but; should all my pop3 etc addresses still be on the system or will I have to redu all that lot? i.e. reprogram it?

will the PC "remember" the previous settings?

  end 17:59 22 Dec 04

OR';;; can I install it OVER itself from my downloads folder??
just a wild thought!!

  GaT7 18:01 22 Dec 04

"where thru; the add/remove programs in control pannel or?"

Yes, that should do it fine.

"will the PC "remember" the previous settings?"

No. I don't think so. You'll need to import them again & fill up their password fields. G

  GaT7 18:03 22 Dec 04

"OR'; can I install it OVER itself from my downloads folder?"

Possible, but the first method is recommended. G

  end 18:24 22 Dec 04


for the record; removed via the add/remove programs in control pannel; then reinstalled from my downloads folder on tower; machine "remembered" all the settings and has now checked the entire server messages (at present all 425 of them!!)

  end 18:31 22 Dec 04

thanks Crossbow7::))

  GaT7 18:31 22 Dec 04

Glat that did it : )) G

  GaT7 18:32 22 Dec 04

GLAD!! ;o ) G

  end 18:48 22 Dec 04

moi aussi::))

I spent over an hour last nite trying to get it to read all my mail on server and got very cross:(

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