Mailwasher problem

  Matata 14:29 21 Jul 06

I have recently downloaded free mailwasher and am very happy the way it works with outlook express. However, I am still receiving spam in my bulkfolder of my webmail. How can I use mailwasher to detect and bounce spam in webmail as well?

  Jackcoms 14:45 21 Jul 06

You can't. The free version is limited to one mail account only.

I you want multiple accounts, use the paid for version

  VoG II 14:48 21 Jul 06

click here No 30b supports multiple accounts but is rather an old version.

  dth 15:46 21 Jul 06

I still use an old version of Mailwasher - with several email accounts - and it works fine.

  Matata 17:27 21 Jul 06

I use outlook express at home and webmail when i use some one else's computer to read all my mail; both with the same e-mail address i.e. 1 account

  Jackcoms 18:09 21 Jul 06

So, what's the problem?

If you have only one address, and you use OE at home, why do you need Mailwasher to check your webmail as well?

It's the same account.

  p;3 19:03 21 Jul 06

problem is that Mailwasher only checks the INBOX on the server and NOT the bulk box; you will need to manually open your server and check on it to change what is in the bulk folder to the inbox ; then mailwasher can pick it up and delete it; please do not bounce mails

  Matata 20:35 21 Jul 06

many thanks for your help; i begin to see a little daylight now! The e-mails in my web bulk folder are all nasty spam and are deleted after 7 days by my isp automatically.I would not like to open them but bounce them sothat they will not be repeated. Can mailwasher assist me in this?
your advice much appreciated.

  VoG II 20:38 21 Jul 06

No, Mailwasher cannot help you. Just try to ignore your bulk mail folder - as you say they will be automatically deleted anyway. There is no reason ever to open your bulk mail folder unless you have good reason to suspect that genuine messages are being mis-filed in there.

  Jackcoms 20:44 21 Jul 06

"I would not like to open them but bounce them so that they will not be repeated".

You can bounce as much as you like but you'll still get spam from the same people. It may appear to come from a different e-mail address or about a different topic, but, essentially it's still the same c**p from the same idiots.

You can use Mailwasher to filter the spam (for example, by teaching it to reject certain words or phrases) but the spammers are wise to that and will subtly alter those words or phrases next time.

The only sure way to reduce spam is to change your e-mail address.

However, given time, when your new address is 'harvested' from web sites or other sources the spam will start all over again.

  p;3 21:37 21 Jul 06

thanks for your comments Matata; the general advice is to NOT bounce mails as that only adds to the clogged up state of the system; if you know you have only spam IN your bulk folder , leave it there , but you should check it regularly anyway; all you need to do with mailwasher is to tell it, each time it checks the server, what to delete and what to download;

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