mailwasher pro

  GBL 12:50 25 Jan 08

I have been using Mailwasher Pro for some considerable time now, for some reason the icon does not blink each time I get new mail, all the settings are OK with ticks in the right boxes but still no blink, any ideas??

  bretsky 13:38 25 Jan 08

New mail not ticked as in "friends list" perhaps?
Does it work when you send an email to yourself?
bretsky ;0)

  Clapton is God 13:39 25 Jan 08

If the new mail is on your Blacklisted or Filtered list, the icon won't blink

  GBL 13:44 25 Jan 08

It used to work each time a new message was detected on the server but now, without altering any of the settings, it doesn't. I have checked the settings and can see no obvious solution.I have no filters set.

  Clapton is God 13:54 25 Jan 08

"I have no filters set"

So do you accept all mail - spam or otherwise?

  bretsky 13:58 25 Jan 08

Mine has NEVER worked in that fashion, I've always had to add to friends list or alter the filter so as for that email to alert me I have new mail on the server, with icon blinking, which I have set to check every 4 mins. (using Pro 6)

bretsky ;0)

  GBL 14:18 25 Jan 08

I have a blacklist and a friends list that is all, no other filters set.
But regardless of that it used to blink when i got new mail from friends or not.Not any more

  Clapton is God 14:23 25 Jan 08

System restore?

Or uninstall and reinstall? Although you'll lose you Friends list and blacklist

  bretsky 14:27 25 Jan 08

"blink when i got new mail from friends or not.Not any more"

NO, it will only blink when email sent is on your friends list so the that when email is sent as spam or "not to me" the program doesn't alert you all the time with this rubbish, which can get rather tedious.

bretsky ;0)

  GBL 14:32 25 Jan 08

Regardless, it does not blink anymore whether they are on the friends list, Black listed or otherwise.
I updated it to the latest in attempt to get it, but that didn't work either.


  johnnyrocker 14:47 25 Jan 08

i get an alert every time mail is sent, friend, spam or otherwise


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