Mailwasher help please

  Spencus 00:31 14 Feb 03

When clicking on ....Check Mail... I get this message."Connection Timed Out (possibly caused by firewall)

I have disabled the firewall but still get the same report,and re-installing M\W has also been tried, any suggestions would be appreciated

  Pc-cillin 00:37 14 Feb 03

I have tried Mailwasher, and I could not get it to work. Maybe I am a numpty, I don't know?
Personally I thought it was shite!!

Get raedy for the stampeed!!

  Taebek 00:40 14 Feb 03

I am not bashing mailwasher, it works for me, but sometimes my bt broadband doesnt let me bounce emails message comes up saying it cannot relay the message. dunno why, it also means I cannot send emails normally either. I realise for that though I would have to start a new thread

  lacker 00:48 14 Feb 03


  lacker 00:48 14 Feb 03


  lacker 00:56 14 Feb 03

Humble apologies for the above two cock-ups,my keyboard ran out of batteries,and while I was changing them somehow I sent a load of rubbish.(nothing unusual in that).What I was going to say was,I use Mailwasher and with my NTL address it works 'no problem'.However when I use my 'Supanet' address I get exactly the same message as you.Perhaps the firewall is one put in place by the server.I have not worked a way round this yet.


  Spencus 01:18 14 Feb 03

Thanks all for your comments.

I will leave this thread running awhile,as a lot of readers will be in the land of nod.

  hoverman 07:00 14 Feb 03

I am with BT Broadband and have had no problems at all using Mailwasher.

  Derek 07:16 14 Feb 03

Mailwasher has a very good help file which answers just about every question. I suggest that you research this and if you still have problems, get in touch with the 'builder' he's a nice guy who will give you every assistance.

  MAJ 07:34 14 Feb 03

That's a problem/error message usually associated with Mailwasher having a problem connecting to your email server and is usually an indication that your email server is having problems at that particular time. Have you tried to send an email (via the same account), using your email client, when you get this error message? I suspect you might not be able to.

  Pappyon 08:25 14 Feb 03

I am a numpty myself, and can get Mailwasher to run without any problem.

You must be a bigger numpty than me.

I wouldn't be without it. It is used by millions throughout the world! They all must be out of step bar you.

As the man said, there is a dedicated online help page, and if you pay a fiver and register, you will get one-to-one support!

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