mailing composed photostory projects

  johnnyrocker 23:33 16 Oct 05

a friend since this forum so wonderfully offereed the above which is brilliant now has problems mailing projects they are on ntl might that be the prob? in the interim have suggested any other ideas please.


  splork 23:45 16 Oct 05

try dropload click here

  johnnyrocker 12:02 17 Oct 05

thanks for that they are going to give that a try additionally and to save a seperate post how would one burn photostory projects to disk because they find they cant do that either.


  jack 12:27 17 Oct 05

Can the Photostory be saved as an CD or DVD 'image'?
Then burned from a burner program

  johnnyrocker 13:22 17 Oct 05

not too sure as the other party is at the other end of the country but as i understand from them that they tried to burn as a data which they normally do but it failed, as i understand it and i have only used it twice one does not appear to get a 'save as' option but i am still exploring it's features.


  johnnyrocker 17:11 17 Oct 05

evening/night shift?


  Methedrine 17:25 17 Oct 05

Which burning software are they using?

  johnnyrocker 17:35 17 Oct 05

nero 5 i believe fully updated.


  splork 17:42 17 Oct 05

When you say failed, in what way? Refused to burn at all or failed verification?

  johnnyrocker 17:51 17 Oct 05

not clear will check and advise shortly


  splork 18:09 17 Oct 05

If they're using XP which I imagine they are, they don't need to use Nero to burn to CD, just right click the project and select SendTo, the drive letter of their CD/DVD writer should appear on that list. And make sure the project is `closed`, ie not loaded into Photostory when a CD burn is attempted. That applies for all situations.

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