Mail Merge doesn't retain format. ( XP )

  linden 22:21 23 Feb 08

Mail Merging a letter from Excel spreadsheet. Both are Ofiice 2002.

1. Dates correctly formatted in Excel - the mail merged letter has changed to USA date form (2-23-2008 from 23rd march 2008 ) Format as text repairs this one but cannot now sort as dates in Excel Have to have a duplicate column. Any better ideas?

2. Weird. Codes of 6.4 6.2 6.10 appear as strange numbers mostly lots of zeros 6.400000000000004 and similar. Only 6.5 is OK. No formatting in Excel corrects this, even format as text. If code uses a dash ( 6-4, 6-2, 6-10 ) then a strange number relating to a date format appears. It seems to believ that 6-10 is June in a year with only two digits!!!

Any ideas?? Word and Excel are set to UK regional.


  VoG II 22:56 23 Feb 08
  Taff™ 07:04 24 Feb 08

In Word open Tools>Options and on the General Tab tick the box "Confirm Conversion at open". Activate the Mail Merge Toolbar by right clicking in the toolbar area and selecting it from the list. The second icon is Open Data Source and a dialog box appear to navigate to the Excel source file. When you select the file a file conversion box appears, select Excel via converter, then answer the next boxes affirmatively and select the correct worksheet in the final box. That should do it but post back if you have problems - you may now have a completely different date format in Excel which may cause problems but there`s a way round that. (Make sure that months and days are the correct way round - for example 5th April 2007 should appear as 05/04/2007 not 04/05/2007.)

  linden 16:27 25 Feb 08

Thanks very much to Taft and Vog for very prompt response.
This is now sorted with a combination of your suggestions
1 Set " Confirm Conversion at Open" - OK
2 Selelect open source file
3 Choose "Select excel via converter" from File Conversion box - NO - message "cannot open file"
4 As above but use "Excel via DDE " - now all present problems solved !!!

For Word 2002 users who do a lot of mail merge and who are a little irrutated by the new "Insert Merge Field" box (which has to be closed and opened each time you insert) - here is a tip in return : You can add the original toolbar item to the Mail Merge Toolbar via Customise --> Commands --> All Commands --> and find the item "Insert Merge Field"a long way down. Drag to tool bar. It is a drop down menu.

Thanks again for the help.


  Taff™ 08:53 26 Feb 08

Well done - that was the alternative I have had to use on occasions too. Thanks also for the "tip in return" - That`s irritated me for years!

  linden 09:13 26 Feb 08

Thanks Taff

I find it is these little things that are so irritating! You can also get the original "Mail merge helper" back in the same way but I think the Mail Merge Toolbar plus the new Icon is just as good now.

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