mail merge and Access

  Dr Grumps 19:29 01 Jan 03
  Dr Grumps 19:29 01 Jan 03

hello, i have got a database and a word document that i have mailmerged successfully. I would like to set up a button on my switchboard to perform the mail merge, preferably without any questions. Is it poss and if so how


i have office xp


  Kefty 21:20 01 Jan 03

Are you talking about a button in a form? If so just create a macro? Or have I misunderstood your question?

  Dr Grumps 23:49 01 Jan 03

Yep a button in a form is exactly what i would like to do and a macro is what i was thinking about doin !!

But im not too sure how, any tips?



  Dr Grumps 10:35 02 Jan 03


  Dr Grumps 10:07 07 Jan 03

is there really no access guru out there!!!

  Chris the Ancient 13:09 07 Jan 03

Yes, it is all possible. The trouble is, there is no macro recorder available in Access like there is in Word or Excel. You can, however, use the macro "page" to generate what you need. I've personally never done it with a mail merge.

Once you've got the macro set up, add a button to the form that you want to run the macro from and using the properties facility in design mode, find the "On Click" line and call the macro out of the drop down list.

The very best site I have found for Access help (and I've used it a few times now) is click here There is a lot of help available there.


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