Mail Delivery System

  DAKAR 18:05 19 Sep 10

I have all of a sudden started getting the following message in my email inbox and today there have been around six"Delivery status notification (failure)"
I thought there might be a problem with my outlook express so I sent a test email to myself and that came through ok so I am at a loss as to what might be causing the problem.
Thanks for any help

  VCR97 18:22 19 Sep 10

Spam/scam probably. Right click on the item in the message list > Properties > Detail > Message source.

  DAKAR 21:07 19 Sep 10

Hi VCR97
Done as u suggested and certainly looks like spam/scam.
Lines of what looks like data making no sense to me at all.
How do I stop this coming in?

  lotvic 21:32 19 Sep 10

You can't stop them coming in.
A spammer is using your address as the return address for their spam
Probably not a real person but an email worm that has infected someone's computer and is using their address book, or your email address has been 'harvested' from the internet
Sometimes worm has generated its own spoof made up email return addresses and you were just unlucky that yours was generated at random.

The "Delivery status notification (failure)" emails that you are getting are the emails that have failed to reach the recipient (either because they bounced them or that recipient email address does not exist)

Just delete them, they usually stop in 2 or 3 weeks, at least that has been my experience when I get them.

  DAKAR 21:50 19 Sep 10

Thanks lotvic that was very helpful I will call this resolved
Many thanks

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