magnifying text on web sites

  Marko797 12:13 03 Sep 08

I used to be able to hold Ctrl and use the scroll on the mouse to increase the size of text when viewing web sites.

For some reason, I can't do it now, and holding Ctrl+Scrolling mouse wheel has no effect at all.

I am, and always have been, on XP and using AOL 9.0.

Anyone any ideas why I can't do it any more?

  chub_tor 12:19 03 Sep 08

Are you using IE6? Ctrl/scroll does not work on all websites according to Microsoft. Try some other web pages that you know have worked previously.

  anniesboy 12:20 03 Sep 08

Does Ctrl & + work?

  Marko797 12:22 03 Sep 08


I have just tried it thru IE and it works.

It doesn't work however via AOL, but in the past it has, which I find strange.

  Marko797 12:25 03 Sep 08

no, have tried that, but no it doesn't on aol.

  Stuartli 12:36 03 Sep 08

I'm with TalkTalk, which now uses sister ISP AOL's website facilities - reducing or enlarging text and associated adverts works equally well with IE7 (Ctrl + scroll) or Firefox's Ctrl and + or -.

  Marko797 12:40 03 Sep 08

not sure what u mean in ur post.

My problem seems to be isolated to when I use AOL 9.0, which is my preferred browser. When I try it on IE, then it works fine, but like I said, I mainly use AOL.

  provider 2 12:43 03 Sep 08

I`ve never been able to get Ctrl+ wheel to work in AOL 9.0.

It works fine in IE 7 though.

  Marko797 12:46 03 Sep 08

I think I'll visit live help on this one.

  provider 2 12:50 03 Sep 08


I`d be very interested in what you can find out (though it will probably take a week, talking to AOL Live Help, I mean)

The AOL browser is supposed to be IE whatever + AOL bits, isn`t it? ... so how come it doesn`t work?

  Marko797 13:15 03 Sep 08

no, live help is/was quicker than u thought. I've never had any real problems with those chaps.

OK I was advised to reset AOL to factory settings using One Click Fixes, which I did. I was assured that it should work (scroll to zoom) on AOL 9, but this might be dependent upon web site encryption etc etc, which doens't mean anything to me.

Anyway, went thru the process, but, it didn't work.

It has however, reset so that I can see all web sites without the need to zoom in or our, so some good has come of all of this.

Guess if I'm desperate to zoom in/out then must remember to use IE.

Thnx all for the inputs.

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