Magnetism and the PC

  BurrWalnut 09:17 15 May 04

My elderly neighbour has broken off the lug on one of the PC speaker's (beeper) wires. I, optimistically, said "leave it to me" and tried to find one. I now wish I hadn't thrown out old cases without removing some of the components for spares. The existing speaker is a tiny press-in type that fits at the front of the case and the only one I could find was a large speaker about 40 mm in diameter.

However, it has a magnetised back to it. Does anyone know if this will affect the PC or should I look around for an old case with a similar beeper?

  Diemmess 09:38 15 May 04

If I understand correctly you are nervous about the magnetic field from a small speaker.

No worries - even the correct small speaker needs a permanent magnet as an essential part of it.

Magnets of any size should not be brought close to the monitor screen, they can cause permanent distortion to image and its colours.

For the right case speaker...... How well do you know your nearest small computer shop? I'll bet they throw away every week the sort of replacement you need.

  BurrWalnut 09:45 15 May 04


The local shop sell cases which, obviously, have the little beeper pre-installed, so no luck there. I thought places like Maplins would sell them but they don't.

I'm now feeling guilty that I said I'd sort it out but have not found the small beeper, about 12 mm in size. The one I have sourced has quite a powerful magnetic plate on the back, about 25 mm in size.

  Graham ® 10:01 15 May 04

What you need is a piezo speaker. No magnets, available from Maplins.

  BurrWalnut 11:40 15 May 04


Thanks for that, I couldn't find it.

It's larger than I expected. In case I'm looking at the wrong item would you kindly confirm that the product code number is CR34M?

  Graham ® 11:54 15 May 04

Put piezo in search, the first one looks good, YU87U.

  bremner 12:09 15 May 04

Magnets damage PC's ? I don't know but...

I recently took a Hard Drive apart and found that it contained three extremely powerful magnets.

  BurrWalnut 15:15 15 May 04

My thanks to everyone who replied. I'll talk to Maplins about it.

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