Magix Rescue Your Videotapes Sound Query

  frostysnowman 12:21 07 Jan 09

I have just purchased the above and wonder if anybody could advise me of the following.
My camcorder and Video Player only have RCA female connections for video and mono sound (One white and one yellow connection). The USB connector cable which comes with the Magix pogram has inputs for video (yellow) and both left and right audio channels (White and Red). Because I only have the one sound channel output on my Camcorder and Video Player I am only able to connect the white connector and record the left channel. Could I use a Y Splitter RCA 1M to 2F cable so that the mono output is shared to both the left and right channels on the Magix USB input cable. Any advice appreciated.

  johndrew 17:00 07 Jan 09

Yes you can combine the audio input in the way you describe. As you say it will simply give you a mono output.

  frostysnowman 17:23 07 Jan 09

Thanks for your reply.

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