Magical Jelly Bean: can anyone instruct me:-)

  six-h 21:07 15 Jul 09

Wanting to interogate my old HDD to retrieve any product keys prior to doing a clean install on a new HDD.
Any help appreciated.

  rdave13 21:33 15 Jul 09

Use version 1.51, better than version2. click here

Belarc advisor is also good; click here

  six-h 21:39 15 Jul 09

rdave13, thanks for that, it was my first problem lol
Haven't viewed the "older versions" link before!
Any chance you could give me explicit instructions on how to use it?
This open source software is good, but assumes a level of expertise I just don't have!!

  rdave13 21:45 15 Jul 09

You just download and 'un-zip' or extract it. It will show you your Windows key. The older versions allow you to change it if needed. Belarc will show you more licence 'keys'.

  six-h 21:52 15 Jul 09

Thanks rdave13, I'm floundering here!
What I want to do is find the key for my Office installation and any other bits like cyberlink, Nero, and possibly others I know not what!(XP Home, I have on the bottom of the Lappy)
The next problem will be getting installation disks for them!
I've only got a second hand XP Home sp3 disk and I'm hoping that one will work as it is an OEM one, matching my product key.

  rdave13 22:13 15 Jul 09

Have you run Belarc and checked what licences it shows? I'd also run Driver Max so you can save all your drivers to a folder (defaults to 'my documents'). I'd download Driver Max and save as a zipped folder so you can save/burn it and the drivers folder in 'my computer' on to disc or flash drive. This means that once you reinstall xp all you have to do is drag and drop 'my drivers' folder from the disc/ flash drive to 'my documents' and reinstall Driver Max from the zip folder and 'import drivers'.
As for Nero, Cyberlink and Office use a search engine to see if your versions are still downloadable. If so then download and insert licence.

  six-h 22:31 15 Jul 09

No, I've heard of Belarc before, but never knew what it was for.
I was advised to use Jelly Bean for retrieving the Keys, so I don't know which is the best to use aside from not knowing how to use them. lol
Would you recommend Belarc over Jelly Bean?

Drivermax sounds useful, I have managed to find the support page for my machine offering downloads of all the original drivers, but I'm a bit foxed by the fact that each driver has two download options.
As far as I can see, the only difference between the two options in each case is that the URL for one begins "click here" and for the second option "click here" don't appreciate the difference!!

Though these are the "most recent" versions, they're dated Jan 2003!, which may or may not be later than those which are installed at present. I might be better off using Drivermax, since this will also pick up the driver for my Linksys wireless PCMA card.
I might not otherwise find the right one again!!!

  six-h 22:33 15 Jul 09

Sorry, those two examples of the start of the URL's have come out as links!
Just hover over them to see what I typed!

  rdave13 22:43 15 Jul 09

DriverMax; click here

Belarc; click here
Read the help files with DriverMax. It's quite simple- has to be 'cause I've used it successfully and will be doing so again in the not too distant future.
Belarc just runs and opens in Internet Explorer.
Jelly Bean only finds out your true XP licence (same as Belarc).

  six-h 22:57 15 Jul 09

Thanks rdave13, does Belarc harvest all and any product keys on the machine?

Glad you say it's simple, 'cos that's my middle name lol

  jellyhead 23:03 15 Jul 09

I have used this program successfully in the past, click here run the program, expand the software option on the left then click on licenses and it will list your product keys.

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