M4B to MP3

  Scorpion2112 15:53 09 Jan 08

I have an audiobook for ipod in M4V format.
I need to change to MP3 to play it in my Car.

Can I do this using Nero or Roxio?

Any ideas Guys?

m4v to mp3 converters
click here
Can I do this using Nero or Roxio?
dont know but i doubt it,wont it be Drm protected?

have you the option to connect the ipod to your car player

  Scorpion2112 18:01 09 Jan 08

Oops. It was M4B not M4V.

I want to burn to disc in MP3 format.

dbpoweramp converter
click here
youll need the M4b codec/plug in
2/3 down page
click here
see if that works to convert to mp3 then burn with your usual software.

  Scorpion2112 22:54 09 Jan 08

Thanks *Raven*.

I had dbpoweramp but didn't know about the codec.

Sorted it now.


  billrose 03:08 10 Jan 08

Abouy m4v to mp3 converter you can try [url=click here]this [/url]i used which worked great for me and the performance is really best,more important is their after service is very good and friendly.

  mmc8 19:50 16 May 08

I follwed the same procedures indicated by raven. had to figure out to put the nero decoder in the decoder sub folder. dbpoweramp batch converter correctly picked up the .m4b file but gave an error message that input file was corrupted. the same file plays correctly in quicktime player.
did I miss some steps? mmc

  Lokki 15:30 14 Jun 10

I use MelodyCan for all of my video converting needs.

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