M2 card not recognised

Hi, I have a Sandisk 8gb M2 that I use with a Sandisk Micro SD/M2 adaptor. Until yesterday, after I removed it from my laptop, it had been working fine. Now my laptop doesn't recognise it. When I connect it, I no longer get the options displayed, e.g "Open folder to view files", and Windows no longer recognises the card name ("Archive") in the folder list. It simply says "Removable Disk (E:)"

When I click on the entry in the folder list, it either says "The disk in drive E: is not formatted", or "No disk in Drive E:". Sometimes autoplay kicks in, as if the machine recognises there is a disk there, and scrolls through the data, but it doesn't get to the end.

I have rebooted the laptop, and tried the card in another laptop and in a PC, my laptop is Windows XP Pro SP3, and the PC is Vista.

There is a page on this site that suggests downloading recovery software, but this, and most others I've looked at, only seem to concern themselves with photos or videos. In my case it's excel & word documents, and some .pdfs. Can you advise on a method/software that I can use to recover files of those types?

Thanks Peter

  northumbria61 12:46 05 Feb 14

Does it show up in Computer-Disk Management? If so, right click, select properties from drop down list, and under the Tools tab select Error Checking- Start. If okay try the scan option - Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors. Hope this helps.

Northumbria61, is that an option on Vista? If so, is there an equivalent on XP?

  northumbria61 14:01 05 Feb 14

I would have thought it would work on any.

Hi, no I inserted it into a Vista machine and it did not show up on disk management

  northumbria61 21:03 06 Feb 14

Is it showing in Device Manager?

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