M S N Messenger

  Birder 1 14:37 14 Dec 04

Is this different from windows messenger and if so how do i get the above and get rid of windows messenger

  ACOLYTE 15:00 14 Dec 04

click here

Lots more differences with this version,to get rid off windows messenger uninstall from add/remove click windows components on side and untick it in the dialoge box.

  huzzar 15:06 14 Dec 04

click here for MSN Messenger.
To get rid of Windows Messenger you need to: -

Go to "My Computer" - "Add Remove Programs" -then in the lefthand column select - "Add Remove Windows Components" and remove Windows Messenger from there.

MSN Messenger is a far better way of communicating with friends and family etc.

  Jackcoms 15:12 14 Dec 04

ACOLYTE and huzzar

Thanks for these links. I'm also interested in MSN Messenger but still unsure how it's different from or better than Windows Messenger.

Can you explain?

  anchor 15:28 14 Dec 04

In my opinion Windows Messenger is an intrusive pest!. I could not wait to get rid of it.

In contrast MSN Messenger is a useful way of communicating with others.

click here

Yahoo messenger offers similar facilities.

  vaughan007 16:30 14 Dec 04

Windows messenger = Rubbish, no features, yet strangely awkward to use.

MSN messenger = Useful communication tool, easy to use, well linked to msn/hotmail/etc.

Like Anchor said...Yahoo is also similar.

Very little to choose between MSN and Yahoo. Both offer similar levels of service. Just depends which you prefer really. A lot of people use both MSN and Yahoo.

  ACOLYTE 18:37 14 Dec 04

I am currently trying msn7 beta and it quite an improvement over msn6 still a few bugs but nothing that upsets the PC.I also have yahoo but very rarely use it.One thing with msn6 if the other person you wont to chat with doesnt have it, it can be a pain to set up video.

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