M Drive ???? Pen Drive

  tom 11:26 07 Jan 06

System using XP + Medion Comp
Used Pen and transferred photos OK
Later fitted pen unit and not recognized
Dis System Restore and the message came up as follows:
Syten Restore
Changes made to Drive M: this point cannot be reversedse the drive was either excluded from System restore monitoring or was turrned off or removed.
Fitting the camera to this point comes up as M drive and all works ok
Can anyone give advise as to whats going on as I dont think I altered anything while I was using the Pen or after use

  PC Bilbo 12:14 07 Jan 06

When you did System Restore, had you first removed the USB pen drive from the computer?

Also whilst PC is switched on are you using the "Remove hardware safely" routine by clicking on the green symbol in your bottom right icon tray before you extract pen drive?

  jack 12:17 07 Jan 06

Windoze uaully allocated removeable drive letters ad hoc. If the camera works OK on this drive letter and the Pen does not, try rebooting with the pen inserted and see what Windoze does then.
Or it mayl ready done it and simply worked the Pen onto another letter without you noticing.
One my external HDD's was switched from 'L' to 'F'
It took a couple cups of coffe to sort what had happened- No idea why either.

  tom 13:14 07 Jan 06

Sorry for late reply
Tried rebooting with Pen in situ
No Joy or aay sign of M which I previously had
Still cant understand message from Sytem restore
Thanks for your input

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