L/Top & D/Top XP, New C/Over Cable,

  AngeTheHippy 17:07 18 May 03

but no Network! Both have a popup from sys tray saying 'connected at 100Mbps', and if I unplus one of them, it says 'unplugged'... Both machines less than 1 year old, and both have n/w capabilities built in - I didn't need to install a n/w card. Please, can someone tell me, step-by-step, in idiot-proof language, how I set up this?

I love you all!!


  powerless 17:14 18 May 03

Have you run the "Network Setup Wizard"?

Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Communications\Network Setup Wizard

  Forum Editor 17:19 18 May 03

you simply run the netowrking wizard (on both machines) and that should be that.

If you are running personal firewalls, disable them. Make sure that both machines have the same wqorkgroup name (MSHOME by default) and that bthey both have different machine names ('Main' and 'Laptop' would be appropriate).

Then, make sure that any folders that you want to be available have been shared - click on the folder, select 'properties' and then click the sharing tab. It's not a good plan to share the root of a drive - that means you shouldn't enable sharing on the whole of the C drive for instance - although if it's only going to be you on the network it won't matter. Unless you are going to share an Internet connection, in which case it will matter very much.

Good luck Ange.

  Forum Editor 17:21 18 May 03

sorry about the typos. By the way, if you are going to share the internet connection don't disable the firewall on the main machine - the one with the connection.

  OneSirKnight 17:21 18 May 03
  OneSirKnight 17:21 18 May 03
  AngeTheHippy 17:53 18 May 03

hang on then, I'll go away & try this to see what happens......



  AngeTheHippy 18:25 18 May 03


  AngeTheHippy 18:28 18 May 03

You're all 'stars'..... I changed the workgroup name on one but not the other FE., having u point that out, yeah, it is very easy to network... I'll know what to do next time!

Thanks all very much.


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