<£70 Graphics Card?

  DoctorButcher 21:54 28 Apr 08

My son wants to upgrade his graphics card to allow him to play some games his current card won't handle.

He currently has a ATI Radeon 9600XT running on an AGP system with an Athlon64 3000+ and 1GB of DDR400.

He has a budget of £70 to spend, so what would you recommend? Looking around, seems there's 3 'top' choices.

Radeon 2600XT
Radeon 3650
GeForce 7600GT

He's not prepared to wait to save up for a Radeon 1950Pro, although tbh I think his system would bottleneck a 1950Pro anyway.

Games to be played: FEAR, CoD4, Quake, NWN2, Oblivion, Dark Messiah

Thanks :)

  MAT ALAN 22:01 28 Apr 08

Memory and the size of the PSU will have their part to play when upgrading graphics cards the higher the spec the more resource hungry they get, as do the games themselves...

  DoctorButcher 22:06 28 Apr 08

Ah yes, forgot about the PSU ... his system is powered by a 530W Hiper unit.

  Devil Fish 23:11 28 Apr 08

530w should run any of the cards you mention

i think the 2600xt and 7600gt are pretty close to each other

my personnel preference would be the 7600gt but then i have sworn by nvidia for many years so i may be a touch biased

be warned though oblivion is a beast of a game and you will still have to drop settings to run it even on those cards

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