LP's to PC

  daisy2bell 10:04 30 Dec 06

Don't know if this is the correct place to ask but here goes.
Have already tried the search function but it's not working.

Have quite a few LP's which I want to transfer to my PC (XP home) and then eventualy put them on my ipod.
I have all the software installed soundcards etc, but cannot remember how to do this.
Bearing in mind my turntable (which is hooked up to my hifi) is in the front room and my pc is in the next room. Distance approx 5-6 metres
Any help appreciated please

  rawprawn 10:09 30 Dec 06

You really need to move one to the other so that they can be connected, but if you can buy an extended wire with connectors that will fit your Hi Fi headphone socket and your computer imput it should work

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:32 30 Dec 06
  daisy2bell 10:34 30 Dec 06

GANDALF Thanks for the link

  Probabilitydrive 10:40 30 Dec 06

some more info on the topic
click here
click here
click here
click here

  Daiol 12:37 30 Dec 06

Hi. Have used this for a while now i find it okay.click here=
Have a look here:

  Wak 15:06 30 Dec 06

also click here

  steve0 15:18 30 Dec 06

I've recently copied some 60 albums to an external hard disk - both as Audio CDs and 320Kb/s mp3 files. Use this program click here

It is very good - you can download a trial to try it out. There is also a good CD labelling program by the same people.

I also have HI-fi in one room and computer in another - just take a lead out of the Headphone jack of the amplifier and into the line in of the sound card. The Spinitagain program will automatically set the correct levels for the recording and find the tracks.

Hope this helps

  shellship 16:27 30 Dec 06

My wife gave me a Numark USB turntable for Christmas. This now sits beside my computer and comes with Audacity software. Took me a little while to sus it all out but now its great to use. Just need time to convert about 30 opera recordings!

  johnem 19:53 31 Dec 06

Thanks for the info, will give Spinitagain a try.

  daisy2bell 07:30 01 Jan 07

Thanks guys. Have managed to join 2 leads to give me the required length. This way I have my hifi constantly hooked up to my PC.
Have already transfered some pieces to the PC and converted to mp3. Have quite a number of LP's to do.
So by the time I get my 30 gb video ipod on my birthday in just over 2 months time, I will have them all ready to transfer.
Thanks for your help and links guys.

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