LP's to CD's

  Ritchbee 12:06 13 Feb 06

Hi Chaps,

Could someone kindly tell what I'm going to need (software etc) to do this process please.

Many thanks

  mad1234 12:19 13 Feb 06

there's a program in this months pc advisor. it comes with the brittanica cd.

  stlucia 13:10 13 Feb 06

Or you can download free Audacity.

As well as the software, you need a sound card in your PC with a line-in socket and, preferably, a line-out socket on your record player or hi-fi. If you have those, just connect them to each other with a cable with the appropriate plugs.

If you don't have line-out, you can use the output from a headphone socket, but it's output will be affected by the record player or hi-fi's volume control.

  pj123 13:15 13 Feb 06

Plenty more on what you need and how to do it:

click here

  pj123 13:22 13 Feb 06

Sorry link didn't work. Just type "vinyl to cd" in to the search box.

I use LP Recorder 7 but as said above on the March issue of the DVD version of PC Advisor there is a completely free full version LP Recorder 5.

  Wak 13:31 13 Feb 06

If you have Nero and Nero Wave Editor then you already have the necessary programs.
click here

  Ritchbee 14:51 13 Feb 06

Thanks for the advice


  BigNige 14:57 13 Feb 06

I used Gannymede's Wave Corrector (click here) to do my old LP collection of about 300 albums. It took a while but the results were good.

  Diemmess 15:33 13 Feb 06

If you are using a half decent turntable/pickup you may need a pre-amplifier to amplify the minute signal from the cartridge before it reaches line-in on your PC.

Faced with exactly this problem I was able to buy one from Maplin. Not particularly cheap, but solved matching problem completely.

I used Audacity, the freebie mentiond by (stlucia)

  Ritchbee 17:12 13 Feb 06

Is it advisable to purchase one of these before going ahead.....?

  Skills 17:21 13 Feb 06

How is your record deck currently setup?

For example if you currently have it running through your amp you could take the line out of your amp into the line in on your sound card thus using your amp as the pre amp. If you where planning on just pluging your record deck straight in then I would say yes get a preamp otherwise you'll get a pretty low level signal to record from.

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