LP miniDV to DVD in HQ?

  nick_j007 16:44 19 Sep 06

Lots of letters there!

Anyway, I have a number of miniDV's from my camcorder I am copying onto DVD.

I have despite trying other fancier bits of software settled with Nero's Vision Express. It gets the job done with a minimum of fuss.

With a 60 min. miniDV it copies over very nicely in terms of quality and fitting onto a Datawrite 4.7Gig DVD.

However, the long play version needs to reduce in quality to fit on the same disc...shame as the loss in quality is perceptible.

Am I missing a trick here? Is it right that I would see this difference in quality?

Should I invest in dual layer DVD's? I have a dual layer capable machine on the desktop here from use with my old laptop.

The cost of DL DVD's seems rather high.

What say ye?



  nick_j007 23:07 19 Sep 06

It's now asking me if I want to use a DVD-9 disc as it will fit on one of those. Not sure what DVD-9 is.

Many thanks for looking in.


  nick_j007 15:49 20 Sep 06

Still hoping to speak to someone that knows better than me.

Your thoughts would be welcome.

How about splitting a tape over two DVD's? A bit messy though.


  pj123 16:29 20 Sep 06

DVD-9 are Dual Layer DVDs. As you say they are quite expensive. (wouldn't like to make coasters with them).

I bought a 10 pack for £10.48 plus postage from SVP but they seem to be out of stock at the moment. click here

Scroll down a bit to Bulkpaq.

Must say I haven't made a coaster yet and I now only have one left. (time for some more).

Also they only seem to come in +R mode at the moment. My standalone player can't play them. So they only work on my PC.

Of course, splitting over multi DVDs is an option but you need to get a good break point.

  nick_j007 19:02 20 Sep 06

Thanks for the reply.

I see dvd9= dl dvd. Yes, Have been surfing through SVP's site this afternoon, and the Verbatim's are out of stock, and I feel I ought to go for the better ones as these are meant to be for archive really.
I have filled in the 'inform when in stock' option there.

Would my three year old Toshiba DVD player cope with a +R do you think?



  pj123 10:13 21 Sep 06

"Would my three year old Toshiba DVD player cope with a +R do you think?"

I doubt it. I don't think DL was around then. It isn't just the +R bit, my DVD Recorder is multi format (+ and -) but it doesn't support DL and it is a fairly new model.

  nick_j007 10:24 21 Sep 06

But aren't regular DVD's with films on dual layer?

A bummer if it won't play on my or most other machines next to the tv.

Back to reducing quality or splitting I guess.



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