Low internet connection problem

  supermedo 23:23 22 Mar 09

ok now when i called my ISP for low internet connection they told me to try in safe mode with networking & when i tried
i got my full speed in downloads & streaming & the reason must be a virus or Spyware or App Firewall anyway i formatted my pc
still i get low speed but when i check my safe mode i get my full speed in streaming & downloading & the only strange thing that was setup after the format even before installing avira was XPsp2 XB888111 WXPSP2 update from automatic update anyone can help me to get my full speed & tell me what is the problem

& thanks in advance if anyone can help me

  RobCharles1981 23:43 22 Mar 09

Post Your Full Line Stats.

Who is your ISP ?

  supermedo 23:54 22 Mar 09

Well my ISP is vodafone in Egypt & here my line status

Characteristics of the current connectionStatus: Full On

ModulationType: G.992.1 A (G.dmt)

DataPath: Interleaved

InterleaveDelay: 4

Upstream Downstream
CurrRate 256 1024
MaxRate 1140 4032
NoiseMargin 29.0 28.0
Attenuation 31.5 49.3
Power 11.7 17.1

my computer is connect from 4 port router Cable not Wifi & i have 1mb adsl

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