Low internet connection

  Nickname with no name 15:50 08 Feb 03

I have a V90 56Kps US Robotics modem, running W98
128RAM and IE6.
My whenever I use the web (evenings & weekends only)I find the connection speed never exceeds 40,000bps. Usually I am stuck with a very slow 32,000 to 36,000 bps.
What could be the cause?
I would like to use Broadband but can not afford the excessive monthly fees.

Thanking you in advance

The Nickname with no Name

  jazzypop 16:10 08 Feb 03

click here


click here (this site seems to be temporarily down - try again later)

  recap 16:15 08 Feb 03

Nickname with no name, the speeds you are getting are fine. You must remember when you are on a Dial up Account that the more Internet Windows you have open the slower the loading will be. Even if you only have this site open and an Email account, it will be slower.

There is a theroy going around that the ISP's are slowing 'dial up accounts' down deliberately to encourage every body to change to broadband. I do not believe this as they still have a service to provide to all customers not just those on B/B.

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