Low disc space on laptop (Vista)

  Joe G 30 Apr 11


My disc space on my laptop (running Vista) is getting to the point where it only has about 3Gb left out of 32Gb. I regularly delete my restore points and run CC and Wise Disc cleaner which recovers it a bit for a while but it soon decreases again. I've just run windirstat and that shows that I have about 14Gb in winsxs which seems to be the main hog (though Spotify also has 1Gbwhich seems a lot)

Any advice on things I can clean out - I have already deleted the Spotify file in the other account on the laptop as my partner doesn't use Spotify so I assume that will be ok - though I've left it in recycle bin for now in case it causes a problem!

Thanks in advance for any help Joe G

  wee eddie 30 Apr 11

What are you storing in it?

Your best bet is to get an External Hard Drive and transfer as many Files as you can to that. Otherwise, you may be able to remove some of the Programs that you rarely use.

  mooly 30 Apr 11

I have a 53gb Vista partition and that shows a 31.4gb free. I programs and data on there too. My winsx is 9.37 gb and I am fully patched and up to date SP1 and SP2.

Have you run the built in service pack cleanup tool that makes SP1 and SP2 permanent by deleting all old install files, http://bcrawfordjr.wordpress.com/2009/08/08/windows-vista-service-pack-2-clean-up-tool-compcln-exe/

  Joe G 30 Apr 11

Thanks for the responses - programmes appear to take up relatively little space and I have a separate partition for data. I didn't know about the clean up tool - does this save a fair bit of space?

  Joe G 01 May 11

The SP2 clean up seems to have helped thanks - and I cleared out the Gb of Spotify files from the recycle bin - I am now up to 7.62Gb spare but if anyone else has any suggestions I'd welcome them



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