Low broadband speed

  lezperez 22:08 09 Oct 07

Hi. I have a Freeline MT2000 connected to AOL via a Netgear dg834g and an ASUS WL-130g card. Recently my connection speed has dropped to that of dial up! My router stats say:

Downstream: Speed 2368 kbps Line attenuation 54db Noise margin 15db
Upstream: Speed 448 kbps Line attenuation 15db Noise margin 20db
However, when I do a speed test on speedtest.net I get:
Ping: 130ms Download: 126kbps Upload: 292kbps

My wireless signal strength and quality is 100% and noise strength is only 16%. I've tried every channel on my router but still the same speed. Its driving me nuts, even the AOL homepage takes ages to come on. Any ideas?

  Dipso 22:15 09 Oct 07

Have you tested using a wired connection to rule out the wirless as the cause? Do you get the same low speed?

  woodchip 22:21 09 Oct 07

Try this little program, it made mine work faster.
click here
Download from click here

  lezperez 22:23 09 Oct 07

I didn't think of that! Just tried it, I get exactly the same result.

  Dipso 22:27 09 Oct 07

So it's your connection that's the problem...try the BT Speedtester to check what your profile is coming up as click here

Your downstream noise margin is higher than the default 6 which suggests you could have line problems possibly caused by your internal phone wiring, follow the guide at click here

  lezperez 22:41 09 Oct 07

Im trying the BT site, its busy....

  lezperez 23:09 09 Oct 07

Is it usually this busy? I can't get it to work. I followed your other link Dipso, my wiring is bang on. I'll keep trying, and will post back when I have some news, thx for all your help.

  lezperez 00:28 10 Oct 07

Now been trying for nearly 2 hours. I give up! Im going to bed!

  Dipso 13:40 10 Oct 07

Yeah the BT tester does get busy at peak times but it's the only way to check your profile.

You haven't exceeded any download limits have you i.e. could they be throttling you?

  Fingees 18:53 10 Oct 07

GO to

click here

Try that

  lezperez 20:39 10 Oct 07

Got up at 6 this morning and back up to speed! How random! However I now have a new problem - my wireless network keeps disconnecting. The router completely disappears! This lasts about 10 - 20 seconds then comes back again. Any ideas?

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