The lousy problem is back !

  Derek 10:20 21 Jul 07

After days of hard work, I got my main PC working very well in fact better than it's ever been.
Now it's all gone pear-shaped to say the least.
At this stage I will confirm that I have no viruses or any other 'nasties' as far as I can tell.
I have a near impossible job of getting into any www sites, the screen just freezes.
But just a question.

I open C:\ and go down the list to the Windows file and open it.

I'm confronted with hundreds, yes hundreds of files within files of

and all this lot are in bright blue.

Today I plan going to the Computer Fair...what should I be bringing back ?
Just can't be putting up with all this !!

Best wishes to all of you and many thanks for all your kind support in the recent past.

Derek MIles.

  SANTOS7 10:25 21 Jul 07

click here

Today I plan going to the Computer Fair...what should I be bringing back ? NOTHING...

the link will help you understand what they are and how to deal with them..

  Terry Brown 10:29 21 Jul 07

The service packs are microsoft updates, which you have possibly broken the links to, these can be removed, try control panel, click show updates and remove.
The other uninstall are for programs you have installed at one time or another.
download a program call siw.exe (system information windows)- a microsoft program, and that will give you a full breakdown of what is on your system, with more information than you dreamed of.
Be very careful what you do with the infomation as you can mess your system up very easily.

  Derek 10:55 21 Jul 07

As I understand it all then, I needn't bother with these entries since they won't be doing any harm and indeed I have plenty of HD capacity.

Am I right ? Best wishes. Derek Miles.

  SANTOS7 11:02 21 Jul 07

my advice if your PC is running sweet leave them alone, what i can say is if you manually select which updates and hotfixes you think you need instaed of autoupdating you won't get so many,good luck...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:27 21 Jul 07


They are uninstal points for windows updates.
If you are short of HDD space and the Opsystem is Ok then delete them.
If you have plenty of spac on the drive then leave them.

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