Loud fan noise with new QX6850 core 2 extreme

  beebender 07:06 03 Dec 07

Just had a very expensive upgrade with dual boot Windows XP and Vista Home Premium.

I have an Abit IP35 Pro motherboard and a Geforce 800 Ultra.

I have 4G Ram, Centurion 534 Cooler Master Case and an OCZ Game Stream Power Supply.

Sounds good but when playing games the fan noise is unbearable and is revving and changing tone with a high pitched whine which can be heard in other rooms.

Any thoughts on what can be done?

  I am Spartacus 08:30 03 Dec 07

Can you identify which fan(s) are producing the noise? QuietPC do a range of quiet fans and replacement heatsink fan units click here

  beebender 08:37 03 Dec 07

I am not sure which fan but as the OCZ Game X Stream is the only new fan in there it must be this one but I am not sure.

I was told this was amongst the quietest.

The previous old fan never made this kind of noise.

The engineer will be returning this afternoon and I would appreciate any further thoughts.

  I am Spartacus 08:41 03 Dec 07

I also have that make and model of PSU and it has the loudest fan in my system (the one underneath). However the noise from is it constant even under load. It's not that loud though in my system overall.

  beebender 08:45 03 Dec 07

Thanks for the info - do you think I should ask for a change of fan for another model or could this one be faulty ? - luckily I havent paid for it yet

  xania 08:50 03 Dec 07

The extra sound when playing is due to the extra work being done generating extra heat, but, more importantly, it proves that there is a faulty bearing or similarly which requires attention. New, so that means replacement.

  beebender 10:30 04 Dec 07

engineer came and adjusted abit fan setting to "quiet" noise is now gone - thanks to all

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