Lotus WordPro file export

  KeithMH 09:25 12 Feb 03

I use Lotus WordPro 96. I should be able to export/save in other file formats (e.g. MS Word), but whichever I try, I still end up with a *.LWP file.

Can anybody help?


  MartinT-B 09:39 12 Feb 03

I have Lotus wordpro 97, as part of Lotus Smartsuite.

I can't export in a different format, but I can save as...

Using the drop-down box I just choose the file type I want to use.

I have found that if I save lotus docs as word docs the following help

1) save in a completely different location to my Lotus docs.

2) If the documents are long and complicated - ie a lot of frames etc. - there is a loss of information and I need to edit.

Regarding the latter I now have MS office 2000 added to my PC.

  KeithMH 10:57 12 Feb 03

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, the result is the same whether I use EXPORT or SAVE AS.

No matter what I choose from the menu, I still get a WordPro document.


  €dstow 11:09 12 Feb 03

Is it not possible to save as rich text (*rtf) or plain text (*txt)? These should be readable almost anywhere.

It may be time to update though. You can get a copy of Smartsuite 9·7 (note 9 point 7, not 97) for £23 from click here


  KeithMH 17:47 12 Feb 03

I'm not sure if it'll save to rich text. I'll try.


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