Lotus organizer

  sheila.weston 10:20 19 Apr 12

How can I set up the Diary section of Lotus organizer to appear in the top rhs of the screen at start-up, open at the current day in the diary section of the existing file (ie not a new one)?

I have writers' cramp and am trying to find an alternative to writing notes in my desk diary.

On the other hand, can someone suggest an alternative - free program?

  Ian in Northampton 15:43 19 Apr 12

Good grief! Does Lotus Organizer still exist? I haven't seen it for decades... Have you looked at Google Calendar?

  Condom 00:08 20 Apr 12

Ian In Northampton

I had the exact same reaction a couple of years ago when it was mentioned on this site. It is still going strong and is available as a download but I have a feeling it is not a freebie and some cost is involved. I used to love it when I was working as it was so like my filofax which also seems to be disapppearing.

  morddwyd 10:26 20 Apr 12

In my view still the best PIM, but the trouble is now lack of syching and poor compatibility.

  sheila.weston 11:55 22 Apr 12

Many thanks, all. I have found a similar program on http://www.artplus.hr/adapps/eng/easynote.htm - easy noter - and will probably use this. There is a special offer for $10, which seems reasonable.

  sharpamat 12:13 22 Apr 12

Not only do I still use it with Win 7 It also Run fine on Win 8 beta

  robin_x 18:12 22 Apr 12
  sheila.weston 22:31 27 Apr 12

Sharpamat, do you have it appearing on the desktop at startup ie the minimised version, not the icon?

For info., there is a problem with the current version of EasyNoter in that the screen resolution has to be changed to make it work properly. This has made all the text and icons very small. ArtPlus say that a new upgrade version to be released very shortly.

  sharpamat 07:09 28 Apr 12

I only use word Howevever Have tryed a full install on the DP of win8 and it worked fine

  Forum Editor 08:12 28 Apr 12

The best free PIM I have seen is Pimero

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