eccomputers 21:37 10 Jun 03

Just installed lotus smartsuite millenium for a customer who has upgraded to xp and they use approach. It frequently gives the message 'not enough memory' and aborts. Sometimes you get long enough to enter an invoice if you are lucky. Even scrolling gives this error.
Anyone know a help site for approach, or where fixes may be available?
Many thanks

  Wak 15:36 11 Jun 03

With all due respect, I suppose you've tried click here ?????????

  -pops- 15:44 11 Jun 03

Make absolutely certain the the millennium edition is compatible with XP. I've an idea it isn't. The first XP compatible Smartsuite is version 9ยท7 note: nine point seven, not 97.


  Andybear 15:53 11 Jun 03


I've got the Millennium Edition (9.8) of Smartsuite - it came with my PC, which had XP installed on it. It worked fine. ( I say worked as I didn't like it so removed it).

  -pops- 16:35 11 Jun 03

Oh! Just passing on something I read on the Lotus website. Like you, I don't use Smartsuite.

  eccomputers 20:27 11 Jun 03

my mistake, they purchased smartsuite 9.7 and I will now look on the lotus web site for any known issues. Many thanks

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