Lost Yahoo mail contact list

  swapper 29 Sep 11

I have found that my contact list has disappeared from my Yahoo Mail. I would not have deleted this. I'm using IE8 and WinXPPro, any ideas please?


  Graphicool1 29 Sep 11

I've just been and had a look at my yahoo mail and to be brutally honest I can't see how you could have lost them without intending to? I take it you don't keep a back up on thour PC?

  Graphicool1 29 Sep 11

Have you checked the 'Trash' and 'Spam' bins?

  Graphicool1 29 Sep 11

Try this...

Can I restore a contact I deleted by mistake?

Yes, you can restore a deleted contact within a certain amount of time.

Click View above your contact list and select Deleted Contacts.

Contacts that you've deleted display in the list.
Check the box next to each contact that you want to restore.

The right side of the page lists several options.
Click the Restore option.

You can also restore a contact while viewing the contact's details. Just click Restore in the upper-right corner.

(Note: Deleted contacts are only kept by Yahoo for about one month until they are deleted permanently. Restoring a contact that used to be a connection does not restore the old connection.)

  swapper 30 Sep 11

Thanks for your response,

I don't know how or why, but I went to send mail yesterday and my address book is back! it was probably me not being used to the new layout.

I'll learn, but thanks for your input.


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