Lost Word Document

  Russ100 09:36 19 May 04

Whilst working on a Word document the PC crashed. The document now only exists as a .tmp file. Autorecovery didn't work on reboot.

Is there any way of manually recovering the document?

  Taff36 09:53 19 May 04

Had you saved the document at all whilst you were creating it because it is there somewhere. The .tmp file is created by Word to record the changes made to a document when you open (or create) it and the next file save of that document. Tell me the name of the .tmp file.

  spanneress 09:54 19 May 04

Word has a built in auto save facility, which by default is usually to save every 10 mins or so...was it a new document? Had you already named and saved it? If so you can pick up where you left off before you made any changes, however, if it you HAD saved and named it previously and it is missing post system crash, there is something more sinister going on.

  Russ100 10:01 19 May 04

Word is set to autosave every minute. The file name is ~WRS0006.tmp if that helps.

  spanneress 10:05 19 May 04

Ok..well that's a start. Did you save it and name it?

  Russ100 10:09 19 May 04

The document which was being altered still exists in it's original state i.e. the alterations have not been saved. The .tmp file which has been created is much larger than the original word document, so presumably this contains the changes.

I guess when the original document shut down the normal option of saving changes was skipped.

  scotty 10:21 19 May 04

Locate the .tmp file in explorer, right click to bring context sensitive menu and select "Open with" and open using Word.

Note: Different operating systems use different methods to get the "Open with" option. Above describes Win 2000. ME needs shift key held while right clicking.

  Russ100 10:26 19 May 04

Tried that Scotty - just got a load of boxes & symbols.

  spanneress 10:36 19 May 04

The extra work that you have lost..was it formatted? or text?

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