Lost windows product key

  tenbyboy 07:54 11 Apr 03

Hi can anyone help/my friends son has been given a computer from his mother and partner but when he tries to run it (windows 98) he needs to enter the 5 blocks of 5 product key which has got lost,will he need to buy a new operating system or is their something he can do ,he has the discs and floppy but thats all,can anyone help please/

  Mango Grummit 09:12 11 Apr 03

Your only hope is to contact Microsoft but in all honesty I would not fancy your chances. No one else will be able to help so it must be worth a try!

  galatic door 09:47 11 Apr 03

has the computer been formatted yet?

  Nonnyriley 09:49 11 Apr 03

we are not allowed to share our key are we?

  billyliv 09:51 11 Apr 03

Hi, Check your mail

  Legolas 10:06 11 Apr 03

This site tells you how to get your product key from the registry, it is all legal and above board. click here

  Gerrycan 11:53 11 Apr 03

belarc advisor....click here

  Djohn 14:43 11 Apr 03

Am I missing something here? If the O/S has not been loaded onto the PC, how can you download a program to give you information on the non-existing O/S? :o(

  tbh72 14:48 11 Apr 03

The key is on the paper licence included with the disk. Ask your son to get the manual from his mother / the key will be on this.

The key is encoded in the setup, you can't access it. The above post's advise how to recover the key from the registry prior to re installing the OS.

If the computer has already been formatted and or you are trying to use a different disk it wont work as each key is unique to each disk.

  Legolas 16:11 11 Apr 03

Sorry of course tenbyboy you cannot get the key the way I said I will go to the back of the class and wear a dunces cap. lol

  Mango Grummit 17:13 11 Apr 03

I was waiting for someone to spot it Djohn :o)

When I said only Microsoft could help .... well .... I'm guessing now, but as we have heard nothing further from tenbyboy it may be the e-mail sent by billyliv has solved the problem.

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