Lost Windows Explorer?

  dublincity 19:13 15 Mar 05

I'm on Win XP Pro and have mislaid or lost Windows Explorer - its shortcut is no longer on the desktop and I can't find it in Start, My Computer, Control Panel, Computer Management etc. nor anywhere else on the Local Disk.

It doesn't come up when I press the Windows Key and then E.

Apart from minor niggles (such as the inability to change OE font styles), the PC seems to be in a reasonable state. Maybe I've got a problem with the CD-ROM - I'm not yet sure.

Any advice will be gratefully received. Many Thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:20 15 Mar 05

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /n,/e,c:
put this in the run box and press enter see if explorer starts.

  dublincity 20:44 15 Mar 05

Thanks - I've just tried that but changed c to g (my main drive). It was positive in that it brought up the list of contents - but that was what I was finding anyway - with no Windows Explorer.

I'd be certain that it's missing except that from notes on the internet, the PC shouldn't work without it. I reckon mine is! Cheers.

  p;3 23:13 15 Mar 05

can you still connect to the internet and get IE to display?

  dublincity 23:59 15 Mar 05

Yes - no probs with IE except that the Text Size function (via Tools) won't work - I'm using the Zoom facility on the Ask Jeeves toolbar at 200% in order to see. Also, I can't re-size message boxes nor change the font style in OE. 'Run' has disappeared from the Start Menu but I can get it via the keyboard. Minor problems but symptoms of something gone wrong?

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