Lost Windows 7 Ultimate x64 disc

  smiiithy2009 31 Oct 11

Hi all,

When Windows 7 launched I hosted a launch party and recieved a free copy of W7u as well as all the other goodies. At the time I installed W7u 32.

I'm now getting a new laptop and would like to install W7u 64. I can't find the disc for the 64 version, but still have the 32 disc and serial key. Will this work on the 64 version?

If not, is there a way of me getting a replacement?

Many thanks,


  onthelimit1 31 Oct 11

If you've used the disk once, you can't use it again for a different laptop. Can't you ask for the 64bit version to be installed on the new one?

  smiiithy2009 31 Oct 11

I won't be using the 32-bit version once I get the new machine and install the 64-bit. Won't that work?

It will probably come with Windows 7 Home premium on.

  lotvic 31 Oct 11

Burn yourself another ClickHere Official download links. You will have to look at the EULA that you have for your present product key to see if it is only for one pc at a time.

  smiiithy2009 31 Oct 11

Thanks. Is Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1 U (media refresh) the right option to use with my Windows 7 Ultimate Signature Edition serial?

  lotvic 31 Oct 11

I would have thought Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 U (media refresh) X17-59465.iso. You did scroll down to the English Version?

You can always try it out on a spare harddrive to see if your key is accepted on the install.

  robin_x 31 Oct 11
  smiiithy2009 31 Oct 11

Yeah of course your right. Don't know how I made that mistake.

I don't think I'll be able to launch the 64-bit install as I only have to 2gig of RAM?

Here is my original disc which says 32-bit. I've read they have both on though?

  lotvic 31 Oct 11

ClickHere "Windows retail license can be reused when reinstalling, no need to call Microsoft. Signature Edition is a normal retail licence of Windows 7 Ultimate, so you are good to go. In some rare cases when reinstalling retail Windows the activation does not work at first. In this case you get the option to activate by phone. Following instructions given on screen you can then activate Windows."

Windows 7 system requirements http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows7/products/system-requirements


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