Lost a wee bit of RAM

  cocteau48 15:37 12 Jan 07

My computing requirements are very basic but finding things getting a bit tedious at 256MB of Ram I have just dropped another 256MB (guaranteed to match manufacturers spec)into the second slot.
I expected therefore to find a total of 512MB available under the system info but it is only showing 496MB. Checking with two other third party software progs both come up with 494MB as the total available.
Don't get me wrong,doubling the RAM has done wonders and I am delighted with the results but I just thought that I'd ask why there seems to be a shortfall in the total available?

  sean-278262 15:39 12 Jan 07

The 16mb lost is to an on board graphics card which will share some of the main memory. Nothing to worry over what so ever.

  brundle 15:40 12 Jan 07

Your onboard graphics are using the `missing` 16MB.
If you have a desktop machine get a dedicated graphics card to free up the shortfall.

  cocteau48 15:44 12 Jan 07

Thanks to both of you.

  sean-278262 15:44 12 Jan 07

On the topic of graphics cards you can pick up either a PCI-e or AGP card for under £20 to give you that little more grunt. PCI-e and AGP are two different formats with PCI-e being the newer technology on just about all PCs in the last 18 months with everything before that either not having any graphics port or being AGP.

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