Lost USB2! in XP

  Keithrow 23:02 24 Aug 03

My computer has been sick with a virus and needed a clean installation of XP.
My m/b, asus A7N8X, supports USB2 but I can't seem to figure out how to enable it.
I've downloaded service pack 1 and have the m/b CD but don't know what to do now.
Any one out there who can help?

  The Sack 23:08 24 Aug 03

Go to the device manager and go down to the USB bit and remove it all, reboot and XP will refind all the hardware and install the drivers

  madPentium 23:09 24 Aug 03

Go into device manager and right click on the usb2 device. Put your motherboard cd in.
Now select update/install drivers, and point to your cd drive/drivers/usb2/win2000 and when prompted, say yes to continue anyway.

  Keithrow 23:31 24 Aug 03

madPentium, I don't have any USB2 devices showing.
The Sack, I tried what you suggested but no change.
Any other ideas?

  DieSse 00:32 25 Aug 03

I think he meant to say

Go into device manager and right click on the usb device.

(which you know is a USB2 device really)

  JIM 00:58 25 Aug 03

how did you discover or come to the situation that USB2 was not enabled?
Enabled usb by you is not normaly required unless you have ?. :) or have you added a usb 2 hardware device and it is not showing etc.?

I take that you have loaded your motherboard cd with all via 4 in 1 drivers and controllers.You may have a selction to pick from,including patches etc on the CD.


Go back to device manager go down to Universal Serial Bus controllers as that should be there, click on the + and you can check all Roots and controller devices by right click. Be very suprised if not all are listed as not ok.

Now i hope you are not going to say that they are not there,.. :)

Also go to add/remove programs and see if the USB 2 setup program is listed which would have come with the service pack.

  Keithrow 08:38 25 Aug 03

Hi there Jim, nice to talk with you again.
DieSse & Jim, all I have in Universal serial bus controllers is 1* standard PCI to USB Host Controller
2* Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller
3* USB Root Hub

Before I had to re-install XP, it definitely mentioned that I had USB 2 but now there is no sign.
I downloaded the service pack from M/S and It is definitely loaded, system shows 'M/S W XP Home Edition V 20002 Service Pack 1'
I'm assuming that since it doesn't mention USB2 that it is not enabled

  sierra 09:08 25 Aug 03

Go to click here, type your motherboard number where you can see all the info including driver downloads.

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