lost threads

  March Wind 23 Sep 11

Why is it that I cannot see my threads when people post to me or when I post a thread it isn't at the top of my list or the top of the last ones on thew forum. I am looking for answeres to my prob but I find I have just as big a prob trying to find my threads. When I post or I have a response to one. BRING BACK THE OLD DAYS. WHEN IT WAS EASY TO FOLLOW THIS FORUM

  Woolwell 23 Sep 11

Try clicking on My Posts top right and this will bring up a list of threads that you have started and contributed to.

  lotvic 24 Sep 11

If you mean the main Helproom list of threads, could be you are pressing the 'back' button instead of loading a new refreshed page.

  March Wind 24 Sep 11

I'm looking, I clicked on your thread but No I cannot see your reply. Now I have to go looking for it, Again

  March Wind 24 Sep 11

Found you. I posted this then you came in view. I mean I would like to see the replys people have sent me i.e You lotvic

  March Wind 24 Sep 11

Woolwell. I do what you say. Yes it does take me to what you say but I cannot see any replys, also it says last thread say 10 days ago when it might have been 10 mins ago. I am wondering if it can be my PC that could also help with the problems. I type but there is no sign of it just blank.

  lotvic 24 Sep 11

Please say exactly what you are clicking on as your last 2 posts are very confusing and I am not going to start trying to guess.

  March Wind 24 Sep 11

I ask a question. I get a reply. I click on the link for the reply. It does not take me to the thread that the link is refering to.

  lotvic 24 Sep 11

OK, just one guess. Do you mean:

You 'ask a question' on forum. You get an email notification that someone has posted a reply on your thread. You click on the link for the thread in the email. It takes you to the wrong thread.

Is that what you are saying?

  Forum Editor 24 Sep 11

Please answer lotvic's question as clearly as possible.

You say that " when I post a thread it isn't at the top of my list or the top of the last ones on thew forum."

What do you mean by 'at the top of my list' - what list?


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