Lost the thread!!!!

  Bald Eagle 17:41 20 Mar 04

Once again I have "lost" a reply I have made to a thread on a site. What happens is:- I type a reply and move my mouse to the right to tick the "send" box. I inadvertently press a "clicker" on the left of my mouse which scrolls back a page, when I go forward again to the page I was typing on the message has gone. Is this typing stored somewhere on my computer so that I can reclaim it? Otherwise this mouse is going to the big mousehole in the sky!!!

  cycoze 17:47 20 Mar 04

If you have hit a `Back` button , then unfortunatly you have lost the text .

  Stuartli 18:00 20 Mar 04

Take your finger(s) off the mouse and move it by the body - then you can left or right click as necessary once the pointer is correctly positioned.....:-)

You could try adjusting the mouse properties from Control Panel to, in effect, slow down its response.

  Stuartli 18:01 20 Mar 04

Sometimes you will find that if you use Back a second time you will come across the page on which you were typing. You can then attempt to send it again.

  woodchip 18:19 20 Mar 04

try the other side button or use the back arrow above

  IClaudio 18:32 20 Mar 04

Before moving anything, I always Select all the text and then ctrl-C.

  Forum Editor 18:34 20 Mar 04

you could do what a lot of people do - type into a word processor (like Wordpad) and then copy and paste your text into the forum box.

  Bald Eagle 23:40 20 Mar 04

Cheers folk, the post was "on the hoof" when I lost it. Normally I type in notepad copy and paste, which will now be the norm. Thanks for the replies.

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