Lost text retriever

  Muergo 14:38 07 Oct 11

I had a little program that would remember what you typed in forms etc so when you inadvertently hit a wrong key and lost the lot, it remembered the last half a dozen or so forms you filled in so you didn't have to start all over again. Somehow in updating, I've lost it and cant remember what it was

  northumbria61 15:23 07 Oct 11

Have a look in - Start - All Programs or Recent Items to jog your memory OR do a system restore.

  Muergo 16:19 07 Oct 11

Been racking my brains for over an hour and then it came to me "Lazarus" What an appropriate title, now I have to see if it's available on FF7

  northumbria61 19:52 07 Oct 11

It is available on Firefox 7

  robin_x 22:59 07 Oct 11

I use Lazarus too and would have known if you hadn't remembered.

Nifty isn't it? I'm always losing long posts.

  Muergo 00:28 09 Oct 11

I've just lost a long post when using IE9 but I can't see a Lazarus for that engine. Is there something similar for IE9?

  robin_x 00:49 09 Oct 11

You could try IE7Pro

Some reports of minor issues with IE8 and more issues with IE9. Worth a punt though.

Lazarus discussion IE

  Muergo 01:10 10 Oct 11

I see that there is a program "Office One Note" which does form retrieval and a whole lot more, about £40 on Amazon.

On Lazarus site he says he is working on an IE version and invites you to leave e-mail address to get notified when/if it's available, meanwhile if I need to do form filling or this post for example, just do it in Firefox.

  Muergo 18:56 14 Oct 11

It happened again, I was doing a long post on a Ford owner forum and accidently hit the back button on my mouse and lost the whole lot, BUT this time Lazarus had it all stored and one click and it was retrieved.

Must make sure to use FF for form filling as no sign yet of an IE version

  robin_x 21:06 14 Oct 11

The other workaround, much as you should 'save as' an important Office Document every 15 mins or so, is to Cut and Paste a forum post to clipboard similarly.

If you use clipboard for urls as well, of course it will be lost.

Go back to Desktop, right click New Text Document. Paste and save.

  Muergo 22:06 14 Oct 11

All very well Robin but what about getting to save every 15minutes and losing it at 14minutes?! Is there a way to store more than one item on the clipboard?

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