lost sound on my pc

  DrLector 17 Jun 12

Hi iv had to move my PC to another room,i had my stereo connected and the sound coming through the speakers of the stereo ,now i moved it and not connected the stereo i have no sound coming out the monitor ? iv tried looking at setting, iv got the green volume bar going up and down but im getting no sound ? thanks for any help.

There will be/should be a separate audio cable that connects your PC to your monitor - sound won't travel via the VGA cable that attaches your monitor to your PC. Have you connected audio from the PC to the monitor?

  DrLector 17 Jun 12

iv had a look but the only ports in the back of the monitor are power and D-SUB ? what your saying makes sence but im not shore what to do now ? thanks for help

This may be a silly question, but - are you sure your monitor has speakers built in? Not all do...

  PMonck 17 Jun 12

Have you had sound coming from the monitor before? You will need some sort of audio input on the monitor - probably an analogue 3.5mm jack.

Audio input can also be digital via an HDMI cable, but you say your display has only D-SUB.

If neither of these options are available, your monitor probably doesn't support audio, hence my original question.

  DrLector 17 Jun 12

hi im 99% shore i had it running with sound out the monitor when i 1st got my pc, before hooking it up to the stereo that was about 4 years ago ! might have to go see if i can dig out the old manuals for it thanks again

  Samdulo 18 Jun 12

Did you change any settings in the computer when you connected the stereo? Or maybe you need the right audio cable. Check this out to help you fix the problem. http://www.ihelpline.com/Repairs/I43?3p=1


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