Lost rodent !!

  Furkin 10:42 01 Jan 08

Happy New Year.
To you all.

My machine has been a bit 'glitchy' over the past couple of weeks,,,, nothing great,,,, but not quite right !

Today though, for some reason, I lost my mouse control.
It's a SWEEX optical thing that has been the best mouse I have ever had.

Over the past few days, it kept 'missing' a beat, or not quite 100% in action etc. (I put it down to the general 'glitchiness) but today it went off completely.
Of course I assumed that the mouse was at fault & unplugged it & re-plugged etc to no avail. I popped in another one so that I could carry on.
Unfortunately this one also didn't work.

I 'hide' my task bar etc, so it made things difficult (for me anyway) to go to control panel & look into the mouse set-up.

In the end, I had to turn the unit off. I have turned it back on & things are back to normal (!?!?!)

I have never lost control of my rodents before so this is quite alien to me.

Has anyone any ideas on why this might happen (& hopefully stop it happening again) please ?

In the meantime, I think I’ll do a re-store,,,, to see if I can go back to before this glitchiness.

thanks for reading

  Graham. 11:07 01 Jan 08

Do a scan for viruses and other malware.

  Furkin 11:13 01 Jan 08

Thanks Graham, done that a few times lately due to general 'not being niceness'.
Late last night I ran Pestcontrol, Webroot, & did a defrag. It only came up with an old CLARA pest which I deleted.
Things were ok earlier today, and are again now.
I'll re run av etc now.
thanks again

  Furkin 12:07 01 Jan 08

Have re run av etc but come up with nothing.
I realise that this problem might never pop up again,,,, but then again,,,, it just might !
Fore armed is the best idea ?!?!
If anyone knows why this might have occured, i'd love to know for future reference.
all the best

  LANDCRUISER 13:01 01 Jan 08

does it run on those little things you put inside of them or is it usb,could be low on power

  Furkin 13:07 01 Jan 08

LANDCRUISER: Tis a wired USB device.
As I say, I tried another usb item as well, which wouldn't work either.
I've ruled out (I think) the rodent its-self,,,, cos they both work ok now (one with ball & one is optical).
Have looked at mouse settings in C.Panel, but everything looks o.uk there.

  johnnyrocker 13:11 01 Jan 08

try powering off and switch off mains then hold power switch in for 30 secs the power up again.


  Furkin 14:11 01 Jan 08

Hi again Johnny,
As you will see above, the thing is working o.k. "at the moment". I did in fact shut down & re boot to get that far.
Like everything else that is (or might be) intermittent, you can’t check on anything until it’s happening again.

I was hoping that it might be a fault that someone has come across before and knows why it happens/ed in the first place.

Thanks to all

I will tick this as ‘Resolved’ - but as I’ve done nothing, please feel free to offer an explanation if you have one for future reference.

  Furkin 09:39 04 Jan 08

Just to bring you up to date,,,,,
when the ACER T120 was running o.k I looked at the Mouse folder & obviously it says "Running alright".
That was until this morning (Fri) At boot up the mouse again wasn't working. Again I tried two meece - neither worked.
I did a re-boot & things were back to normal.
As both meece work - sometimes - I assume the problem would be elsewhere ! What is the next thing to look for please ?
The MB is a KM400. I run XP (SP2)on Athlon 2400+ & 2gb RAM.

thanks all

  Technotiger 09:52 04 Jan 08

Hi, after all the above, I suspect a possible physical problem within the Tower - perhaps a dry-joint at the socket(s)? A dry-joint could certainly cause such a intermittent fault.

  Furkin 10:12 04 Jan 08

sorry guys - in reply to Landcruiser I stated that it's a USB mouse - it isn't. It plugs into the basic circular socket (green plug) as does the Keyboard.
Sorry if this made a difference to your thinking.

Thanks Techno - bummer eh ? I've had this machine for three years & never had the prob B4. In fact, I've never had this problem in umpteen years before.
The mouse is a Sweex optical thing which I have had for about 18m, & although cheap - has been really great.

I don't s'pose I can find a dry joint (unless it's discoloured) so if I need to - is it easy to replace the bord/panel/sockets for this machine ?

If I CAN get into C.Panel when the mouse is down - is it likely to be able to tell me anything ?


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