Lost Postings

  jeano 20:43 20 Jul 07

Tried posting 2 new threads to help room 2 days ago. First one displayed, 2nd one got lost. Then yesterday responded to answers to my posts - these are not shown. Is it me?

  Totally-braindead 20:54 20 Jul 07

Could you give us a link to your post.

  VoG II 20:58 20 Jul 07
  Jackcoms 21:01 20 Jul 07

"Is it me?"

Probably. In future why not just look in 'Your Postings' at the top left?

  jeano 23:20 20 Jul 07

Thanks VOG, Totally-braindead, et al

I created a new thread which is not on my postings (or in helproom) - relating to Internet Connection status on task bar. I also responded to replies on another of my posts thanking contributors for helping me with "firewall confusion". The response was not on my posts - so I redid it this evening. It is now there. Thanks again. So the mystery of the lost postings still remain. I will recreate it - no worries.

To Jackcoms - I do usually look in "My postings" on top left which is why I posed the question. I also read other postings in helproom and other forums because they are so useful and I am constantly amazed at the wealth of knowledge that is shared.

So thanks to all contributors.

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